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CleverPush UG Case Study

About CleverPush UG

CleverPush is a simple and feature-rich solution for web and app push notifications. As one of the few, CleverPush is offering solutions compliant to the DSGVO and is supporting the customer with the implementation and german support.

Some of the features include:

  • KPI dashboard
  • A/B testing for messages
  • Automated split-tests for different opt-in designs
  • Geo-targeting
  • Target group segmentation through click rate or tags
  • Dynamic follow-up campaigns
  • Simple integration within 5 minutes

Source: t3n Firmenverzeichnis, translated


CleverPush is a german push notification provider and is growing fast. The service is used heavily and most of its traffic originates from concurrent connections to backend services which consist of on-prem infrastructure before this project started. Scaling this infrastructure was only possible spending time and money on new resources which may only be used for load spikes a few times per month. Also developing and updating the different services took a significant amount of time because there was no continuous development lifecycle in place.

The customers goals for this project included:

  • Significantly speed up deployment cycles
  • Lower the infrastructure costs
  • Simple and automated scalability

Our solution

When Innovations ON first met the customer it became clear pretty fast that this project would contain two parts: A DevOps transformation for the development and operating and the actual migration to AWS services.

While the technical team at Cleverpush already was very agile, an application redesign was necessary to overhaul the way they did deployments, tests, and maintenance. That is because of the semi-monolithic application design that existed back then. Innovations ON helped the customer migrating these services into containers and also administrating efficiently using Docker Swarm. This minimized costs and greatly reduced operating expenses through automation. So far Cleverpush manages about 200 containers to deliver their backend services. The new design also allows for faster and safer testing and rollouts since specific services can be deployed to different environments and graceful rollouts can be utilized.

The redesign and migration of the core application was done in less than one month followed by a custom training so the team is not only able to manage parts of the infrastructure on their own but also work more efficiently with it. Also part of this training was the adoption of a continuous integration and deployment process using tools like git, Jenkins and AWS services like CodeCommit and CodePipeline.

Besides the backend services, content is now distributed and presented using AWS's CloudFront, a fleet of EC2 instances scaled horizontally using autoscaling, Nginx, caching using REDIS instances and a central NoSQL database which is provided by DynamoDB.

Since infrastructure management expenses should be kept to a minimum, all of the components are created using CloudFormation.

Marius Gebhardt - CTO CleverPush UG

"Das Team der Innovations ON unterstützt uns seit der Entscheidung in die Cloud zu migrieren, zunächst mit einem Projektteam zur Konzepterstellung sowie dem Architekturdesign und nun fortlaufend mit Managed-Services im operativen Betrieb. Besten Dank für die reibungslose Zusammenarbeit an dieser Stelle."

Roughly translated:
Innovations helped us with the decision to migrate to the cloud. Starting with a project team to create a concept and design, following up with managed services for operations.


The application redesign and migration to AWS helps CleverPush with its cloud strategy. Their development lifecycle changed from months to weeks and the container-based design is less prone to failures that impact the whole service thus increasing the availability for their customers. Using tools like AWS CloudFormation and AWS CodeCommit also helps them to be consistent with german regulatory since deployments and changes are provable.

Automating infrastructure and code deployments helps CleverPush to reduce operational costs and they want to work on this topic even more. They are looking into leveraging more AWS services like CloudTrail or API-Gateway.

Data facts

  • 1 000 000 requests per day
  • 200 container running at the same time
  • 900 git-pushes per month

Project timeline

January 2019 - March 2019

Project manager

Tom Simon

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