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myposter GmbH Case Study

About myposter GmbH

Founded in 2010 by the brothers René and Marc Ruhland, myposter GmbH is an e-commerce company focused on individual digital prints. Meanwhile, the team has grown to more than 170 employees.

On the website, customers can create individual products using photos. The portfolio contains everything from posters, photo books to handmade frames.

All of their products are made in Bergkirchen near Munich, which is also their headquarter, and their products are sold to 10 countries in Europe. The quality of their products, the online buying experience, and their world-class customer service is the most importing thing for myposter.

Source: gruenderszene.de translated


myposter is offering individual prints for posters, canvases and a lot more.

Up until now, their webshop was hosted on-premise which was challenging their ability to properly scale without the need to rebuild and reconfigure the whole infrastructure.

The goal of the customer is to implement a DevOps team that is responsible for managing the infrastructure and the applications running on it. Innovations ON is there to help getting started on AWS and as a DevOps team with new infrastructure and renewed processes.

Our solution

Before working on a solution, we started with an initial Workshop to find out more about the current setup, requirements, and possible blockers regarding a DevOps transformation.

Together with myposter we deployed an AWS IAM Permission structure with minimum rights for contributors but all necessary rights for the DevOps team.

The infrastructure was next and since one of the goals was easy, repeatable and fast management we've developed templates for AWS CloudFormation so the whole infrastructure was built using code and could also be deployed in different accounts for testing and development. This also challenged existing internal guidelines since automation reduced the number of stakeholders and simplified processes like required approvals for new testing instances.

The webshop

The webshop itself is the biggest business asset and most of it is implemented as a highly available solution using AWS EC2 instances with autoscaling, elastic file system, and elastic loadbalacing.

Of course, all this was also done using deployment pipelines with CloudFormation templates that are stored in a repository for auditing and versioning. Those templates are also used to make sure their staging environments match.

Some of the custom components of the webshop were migrated to containers and are managed using AWS EKS.


The shop also has large amounts of media data that needed to be stored, so AWS S3 was used. Lifecycle policies help to keep the costs down by migrating old or infrequently used objects to different storage classes.

Auditing and monitoring

We want to enable the DevOps team to be able to track everything that happens on the AWS infrastructure, so we set up a combination of CloudWatch, CloudTrail, and the 3rd party monitoring tool Datadog. This not only helps them quickly identifying issues but it's also required for auditing purposes.

Automated remediation actions are used for security-related parameters.


Together with the internal DevOps team from myposter, the migration to AWS was completed in only a few weeks.

myposter is now able to scale cost-effective and without any manual changes to their instances which helps them for example during peak times like Christmas.

Templates are stored for versioning and auditing but also for automated pipelines which significantly improve deployment speed and reduces the number of failed deployments. Scaling of the infrastructure is done without interaction from the team which results in less or no downtime for the end-customers and intelligent tiering helps myposter save money for media storage.

Innovations ON will continue to optimize the infrastructure and processes to further help myposter focus on its main business.

Data facts

  • 192 git-commits to AWS CloudFormation repository in 2 months
  • 56 AWS CloudFormation deployments in the first month
  • millions of S3 requests

Project timeline

February 2019 - April 2019

Project manager

Tom Simon

Copyright by Innovations ON GmbH

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